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Automotive Alignment

Automotive Alignment Services at Keller Kustom Body & Paint

Automotive Alignment

Even a minor accident can wreak havoc with your vehicle’s frame, suspension and alignment. This type of damage is often undetectable to you but if left unrepaired, can affect the handling and safety of your vehicle. It takes an experienced professional to evaluate all of the components of your vehicle after an accident and prescribe the appropriate remedy. Repair of today’s automobiles requires precision measuring and diagnostic tools, equipment and systems to restore your vehicle to a safe and optimal driving condition.

It could be that your vehicle has experienced damage that you wouldn’t consider “an accident” or collision. A vehicle’s suspension can be compromised by many things including potholes, curbing and continual driving on bad or damaged pavement.

Some common signs that might indicate your vehicle’s suspension is in need of service:

  • The steering wheel vibrates when you drive
  • Your vehicle drifts to the right or left when you are traveling in a straight manner
  • Your tires squeal
  • You notice abnormal or uneven tire wear
  • While driving, your wheels feel “loose” or wobbly

Many collision repair providers “outsource” or “sublet” various parts of the collision repair process including automotive alignment. Keller Kustom Body & Paint is a full service, one-stop, comprehensive provider of collision repair services. We take care of it all!

For automotive alignment, wheel alignment and frame straightening in Salt Lake City and for a FREE, no obligation, evaluation and estimate, contact us today!

With our passion for the art of collision repair, we serve our customers with respect, courtesy and honesty in the delivery of superior quality workmanship and outstanding value. Whether your accident results in the need for major collision repair or minor collision repair to your vehicle, visit Keller Kustom Body & Paint at 1346 W 50 South, Centerville, UT 84014 or call us at 385.399.7046, Monday – Friday, 8am – 5:30pm.